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I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot; together we can do great things. ~ Mother Teresa

JUMP-Gatherings for Empowerment

Do you find yourself in a situation that does not satisfy you?

Would you like to discover what you actually want and how you can achieve it?

Would you like to do it completely on your own?


We kindly invite you to come and join unique talks, which in a positive and active way will empower you to make a step ahead. The method we will use is known as Jump! Movement. More than 24.000 people around the globe have already participated in the movement and made their first Jump! forward.


When? Autumn sessions are over. Please check again for further updates.

Where? The Hub Eindhoven for Expats, Vestdijk 25, 5611 CA Eindhoven.

Language? English.

Who? Internationally minded people.

Guidance? Specially trained buddies to guide the process. If you have any questions regarding gatherings, please do not hesitate to contact us at



About the talks. During four Jump! gatherings you participate in a talk at the round table with other five people that find themselves in a similar situation. You answer seven questions taking turns one after another. Questions are positive and active: what are you proud of, what are your strengths, and how you can use them to set your next step. When you talk others listen. In that way you discover what you actually want and how you can achieve it. Special is that you do it all yourself. You decide what you say and which further steps you take.

Guided by a trained buddy. Talks are guided by a specially trained buddy. The buddy is a person who lives in your town, has experience with living abroad and therefore understands how you feel. The buddy participates in all the talks and guides them.

Jump! method. Jump! method was created by Inneke Hurkmans. In various places around the globe women and men are using this method to investigate what they want to change, what they want to strengthen and how they can take their first step towards that direction. Up untill now more than 24.000 people have undertaken Jump!  

Jump 2

Relocation programs for internationals

To support individuals, couples and families in their transition process of moving and living overseas, we offer various training modules. All of them can be utilized at any stage of the move, from pre-departure to arrival, while living overseas, or during repatriation.

You can combine any of the modules depending on your needs and wishes, or request only one of them.


Psychosocial training modules:


Challenged identity and expectations: a guide to living overseas

There is something wonderful and exotic about living abroad. However, your identity and expectations is usually deeply challenged, as obvious and straight forward things suddenly turn out to be odd and not useful in the host-country. Therefore, individuals living abroad are more likely to suffer from depression and anxiety compared to those remaining in their home countries.

This training module will provide you with:

- Tools to clarify and establish realistic expectations.

- A guide to develop the skills for successful adaptation.

- Coping mechanisms to deal with anxiety, stress and negative thinking.

- Methods to deal with the unexpected and continue stay open.


Staying Connected with your Partner

Moving abroad as a couple, living with a partner from different cultural background, or having a long-distance relationship can be a very fulfilling experience.  However, because of daily responsibilities, long to-do lists and stressors, it's easy to feel disconnected from your partner. It's also easy to take each other for granted, especially if you've been together for a long time. Your connection with your partner needs cultivating.

This training module with provide you with:

- Exercises to get you and your partner closer and nourish a stronger bond.

- Tools to understand how (cultural) diferences influence your relationship and how to manage around them.

- Role-play strategies to manage expectations and avoid conflicts in daily life situations.


Parenting global nomads

Raising children can be the life’s most challenging and rewarding activity, yet it can be chaotic and stressful. Living abroad compounds the inherent challenges of parenting. You want to provide the best nurturance for your children, so you need to do more than guess your way through raising them.

This training module will touch topics such as the “trauma” of leaving a country, cross-cultural childhoods, language issues, self-esteem, and identity. Our psychologist will talk parents through the transition process and advice them on how to help their “third culture kids” to adjust.


Let’s play the relocation through!

Parents can easily overlook their child's concerns about the relocation process. But the children often find themselves in a transitional period that can leave them confused and frustrated, so it should not be dismissed.

This training module will:

- Provide a highly interactive game-based gathering to talk children through the relocation process by answering questions such as: Why are we moving? When? How? Will we come back 'home'? Where will we live? What about their friends? What school will we go to? Will we make new friends? etc.

- Introduce to age-fitted coping mechanisms to deal with stress, anxiety and the unexpected.


How to be a global grandparent

Building a relationship with a grandchild and in-law relative when you live in different countries can be a challenge. Communication via phone, email, the language barrier and other issues can diminish the quality of your most precious relationships.

This training module will:

- Provide you with communication strategies to enhance long-distance relationships with your loved-ones.

- Guide you through the "empty nest" adjustment process: how to adjust to a life without kids and grandkids around; how to see positives in a negative situation.

- Introduce you to currently available ICT technologies/tools to improve your ability to keep in touch.


Social training modules: 


Expats for expats (dinner with expats)

It might be hard to find yourself at a completely different place with a totally different way of dealing with stuff.  The good news is we can give you some guidance…and company so you are never alone! 

Allow other expats to welcome you into your new experience in an informal environment to help you answer most of your questions and doubts, or just to share a meal and have a good time.


A walk around guide to Eindhoven

Get to know the City Gems, its tricks and special ‘hidden’ places and stores for you to squeeze your stay to the fullest. 

Give us the chance to guide you throughout the city so you feel at home and experience the upsides sooner getting the most out of it.


Tips and tricks from insiders (a dinner with locals)

Interested in getting to know the city before moving in?  Already in the city and eager to taste the local dishes?  Looking for a way to connect with locals?  Wishing for a place to practice and improve your new language skills?  Contact us to help you create a new local acquaintance!


A taste of... Mexico, Lithuania, Russia or Poland

Moving to Mexico, Lithuania, Russia or Poland? Allow us to help you get ready by sharing key information from the ones that have been there long enough.  This training module will help you learn about the culture of the host country: Its values, history, geopolitics, the pitfalls to avoid when talking to locals, gastronomy and the concept of “home”, language, medical care, education, the expat community, travel, and alike.

Stress management training for groups

Stress management training 'Do it together alone' is developed to alter orthodox thinking about stress, what causes it and how to deal with it. It will empower you as a team and individually to take ownership of your (professional) life and make stress your friend not foe.

This is the training:

- To make stress your friend
- To shift your focus from outside to inside
- To empower you to become your own counselor
- To create common understanding in a team about stress
- Takes place in real-life situations
- Employs scientifically validated non-conventional methods

After the training you and your team will:

- Increase your awareness of who you are and what you care about.
- Get empowered to take control of your life, your emotions, thoughts and behavior.
- Learn to empower others with limited direct input.
- Become more aware of others in the group, their needs, abilities and virtues. Become closer as a team.
- Understand what stress is and what it is not.
- Develop a positive attitude to stress.
- Become aware of the connections between your thoughts, moods and behavior.
- Learn techniques to manage your stress reactions.
- Obtain a common understanding as a team about stress and ways to address it.


If you think this particular training or a tailor-made version of it could benefit your team, please let us know and we will be glad to discuss your needs.